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Boxer Analytics is an advanced, omnichannel platform that is powered by a uniquely accurate transcription engine, converting enterprise voice to text. We can help everyone from children in classrooms, delegates in conference rooms, contact centres, trading floors, business customers and much more. 

How Boxer Analytics works


There are two versions available;

One: Boxer-Analytics: 

An enterprise grade omnichannel voice recording platform that records and transcribes voice and data from telephony, mobiles, trading floor systems, 2 way radios, email, IM and much more. 


The solution is a completely resilient and scalable A.I. powered platform that combines the best of machine learning and natural language processing with almost consumer technology level ease of use, with very little end user training required on go-live.


We capture voice and data in a secure, Australian based cloud platform however, the system can also be deployed on premise on physical and virtual infrastructure. It converts every word to text, then intelligently stores this data, making it available in a number of ways.  

Every aspect of a customer's communications environment can utilise the technology, from contact centre agents, to speakers at a conference as well as mobile staff out in the field. We only retain approximately 18% of what we hear every day and this diminishes daily. Boxer Analytics however, can retain 100% for you.  

Two: Boxer-LIVE

A genuinely exciting, real-time speech recognition engine capable of live captioning voice with up to 97% accuracy in under a second.

The solution requires no specialised training on the speech engine so it can be deployed and live on a site in next to no time. 





Our platform talks to everything


We understand that customers have lots of different voice and data services, so we bring them all together into one platform, with everything captured,  transcribed then 100% searchable by key word and phrase. 

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